What book blog posts caught your attention this week? My picks:

Twitter's #dearpublisher hashtag takes off
Posted by The Guardian's Books Blog

Most of you avid tweeters probably already know by now that a #dearpublisher thread took off on Twitter early in the week—readers, book bloggers, authors and publishers engaged in an online conversation about what's great—and what needs to change—within the industry. The Guardian's books blog describes this trend and samples a few publisher responses, such as: "Reading the #dearpublisher chat – keep them coming, people, we're listening!" from @PanMacmillanAus.

Did you participate in the thread? Do you think that publishers will take note of your suggestions? Is Twitter an appropriate forum for this type of conversation?

Spotlight on Bookstores: *Hub City Books* in Spartanburg, South Carolina
Posted by She is Too Fond of Books

This specific post is about Hub City Books in South Carolina, although I really want to draw your attention to the entire "Spotlight on Bookstores" series on She is Too Fond of Books, which highlights bookstores from around the country. I've spent time in California, Arkansas and New Mexico this summer, and in each destination I've made a beeline to the nearest bookshop—even if you're looking for a mainstream paperback that you could get at home, no indie bookstore has quite the same flavor, and it's fun to see the variety. (I recently peeked into a used bookstore in Albuquerque and there were no shelves . . . only stacks of books, as far as the eye could see! In San Francisco there was a bookstore that also sold beautiful bookshelves made from unfinished wood, with tons of varnish to choose from.)

Have you been to any of the bookstores in the "Spotlight" series? Want to give a shout-out to your favorite bookstore? Have at it in the comments section.

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