This morning, The Daily Beast unveiled the cover of Meghan McCain's  book Dirty Sexy Politics, which comes out August 31. (The cover is now available on, as well.) McCain is a weekly columnist for the online news and culture site, so I'm not surprised Hyperion gave Beast readers the first look at the jacket image:

McCain has already shared some more details on Twitter. The image was taken by fashion photographer Adam Bouska, there was no Photoshopping involved and the elephant's name is Thai. McCain also linked to a behind-the-scenes photo from the shoot (see right). I have to say, I think the cover is quite striking and the elephant a clever addition.

Whether you agree with her politics or not, as one of the most vocal young Republicans around, McCain is an interesting person to follow. In the September issue, BookPage will run a hand-written Q&A with the author about Dirty Sexy Politics.

If you could ask McCain a question about her book, what would it be? Are you interested in what she has to say?

Also in BookPage: Browse past hand-written Meet the Author columns, including this month's interview with Go, Mutants! author Larry Doyle.

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