Way back in November, Abby wrote a "What We're Reading Wednesday" post about Let's Take the Long Way Home, Gail Caldwell's memoir of friendship, dogs and grief. "Read it," she wrote, "and try not to weep."

I finally read the memoir over the weekend, and I'll second Abby's request (confession: I tried not to weep, and I failed). Caldwell writes beautifully about her friendship with writer Caroline Knapp, who died in 2002 from lung cancer. In what will surely become one of the memoir's most frequently-quoted lines, Caldwell writes, "Finding Caroline was like placing a personal ad for an imaginary friend, then having her show up at your door funnier and better than you had conceived."

Let's Take the Long Way Home comes out three weeks from today. While you wait for the release, watch this just-released trailer from Random House, which provides an overview of the women's friendship and includes a clip of Caldwell reading an excerpt from the book:

Are you interested in Let's Take the Long Way Home?

Do you have a favorite memoir about friendship?

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