This time, Michael Cooper is calling it quits with his publisher, Hyperion, who bought his memoir, Displaced, last summer.

Just months away from publication, Cooper withdrew the finished manuscript. Hyperion is not commenting, but Cooper says he felt the publisher was looking for a different type of book:

"I set out to write about how, in the wake of a devastating and unexpected divorce, I slowly rebuilt my life by redoubling my already decades-long commitment to humanitarian relief and human rights work. In the end, it seemed to me that Hyperion hoped to push the book in a more controversial direction -- something I was unwilling to do. I am exploring options with other publishers."

While we at the Book Case hate to see anyone's artistic vision thwarted, we also have to say: duh. Millions of Americans have already read a book about someone rebuilding their life in the wake of a devastating and unexpected divorce—it was called Eat, Pray, Love. For anyone to be as interested in Cooper's journey, he would have to dish some dirt.

Readers, what say you?

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