Just weeks after announcing that ebooks outsold hardcovers on Amazon.com, the company has unveiledĀ their new version of the Kindle.

The device will now come in two colors -- white and graphite -- and prices start at just $139 for the wireless-only version. (The WiFi and 3G version is still $189). This is a dramatic price cut for a device that cost $259 just a few months ago.

The new Kindle ships August 27.

Other changes: a smaller size (with the same 6-inch reading area), lighter weight of 8.5 oz, better contrast and an astounding one-month battery life. No word on whether the lag time between "pages," my one major issue with the Kindle 2, has been improved, however.*

Critics might ask why the web browser is still described as "experimental" or why they're not interested in accommodating or developing multimedia e-books, but I think Bezos is right to focus on building the best reading device he can instead of trying to compete with devices like the iPad.

Perhaps I need to forget about the iPod Touch I'd been saving for and get a Kindle of my own? Then again, the advances in e-readers are coming so hot and fast that it might be worth my while to hold out for $99 or less.

Anyone tempted to finally take the plunge and buy the new Kindle?

*ETA: Publisher's Lunch mentions "20 percent faster page turns" but I haven't seen this noted elsewhere.

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