What book blog posts have you enjoyed this week? A few of my favorites are highlighted below:

Freebie Friday: Penguin's 75th Anniversary
Posted by The Quivering Pen

Today is the official 75th anniversary of Penguin Books, and bloggers are celebrating in style—with posts and giveaways galore. To locate the blog coverage online, start by searching #Penguin75 on Twitter. Also, check out this documentary on Penguin's website, The Bird You Have Throughout Your Life, in which the company's execs and staffers talk about Penguin's history and future.

David of The Quivering Pen is doing a nice giveaway from this list of 75 Penguin books (Penguin itself did a similar giveaway which is now expired—but the giveaway is still active on the blog). David writes:

At some point in our reading lives, all of us have held a Penguin.  (And if you haven't, then you're really missing out on the world's finest literature.)  What began as the brainchild of Allen Lane in 1935 as a way to distribute quality paperbacks at a price cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes, soon exploded into a publishing phenomenon.

RWA Coverage
Posted on Harlequin's blog

It's a big day over at Penguin, but I bet the folks at Harlequin are celebrating, too, as right now the 30th annual Romance Writers of America conference is in full swing in Orlando. (I write that with some amount of sadness, as the conference was originally scheduled to take place in Nashville—until the flood made that impossible.) So, from July 28-31, I have been vicariously attending RWA via blog coverage. Harlequin is posting about events, authors and more; it's definitely worth a read if you enjoy romance novels.

Top 100 YA novels
Posted by Persnickety Snark

YA blog Persnickety Snark is counting down the top 100 YA novels ever. The list appears to be leaning toward more contemporary novels, and some of you will probably be outraged by the choices. (Let's just say that nobody consulted me before choosing A Ring of Endless Light as #89 and Eclipse as #58.) But still, it's fun to browse through the choices. What would be your #1?

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