Mary Roach has written about the history and science of sex (Bonk), cadavers (Stiff) and the afterlife (Spook). What do you think could possibly interest her next? Why, what happens to people in space, of course.

Packing for Mars came out yesterday, and Roach wrote on her website that Norton's book trailer "captures the essence of Packing for Mars . . . It made me laugh out loud, something my own books only rarely do." (It made me think that I would most certainly not like to know what my body odor smells like after 10 days in a space suit.)

Also, don't miss Roach's funny essay on the trickiness of researching cadavers, or an interview about Packing for Mars (click here to find out what she would bring on a trip to outer space).

Will book trailers are you buzzing about today?

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