Grand Central Publishing imprint Twelve publishes only twelve books a year, and Sharon Pomerantz's Rich Boy is the sole novel of 2010. If that distinction doesn't convince you of this story's specialness, how about the following excerpt from David Madden's review in BookPage?

At 528 pages, Rich Boy is a Space Age version of a Victorian family saga, with the great difference being that the family is not upper-class English but Philadelphia Jewish. Perhaps it is more apt to call this novel an inflated Great Gatsby, with Robert Vishniak climbing the socio-capitalist ladder all the way up and into the Bernie Madoff Manhattan era. Readers will enjoy this journey through the labyrinth of episodes of class conflicts, sexual escapades, financial schemes and, of course, romantic love that Pomerantz spent a decade constructing. It is not to be missed.

I very much enjoyed Twelve's spin on a book trailer. In it, Pomerantz narrates a video essay about her work as a shoe shine girl in Manhattan—an experience that influenced Rich Boy.

Will you read Rich Boy?

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