"Unrestrained yet elegant."

"A powerful meditation on the all-consuming nature of grief."

"An intimate look into the evanescence of memory."

Intrigued yet? The quotes above all come from BookPage's coverage of Rosecrans Baldwin's debut novel You Lost Me There (on sale today), about a man whose wife dies and leaves behind recorded memories of their relationship—which are drastically different from his own recollections.

BookPage contributor Stephenie Harrison interviewed Baldwin about his book and asked about any upcoming projects. He answered:

I’m currently working on two new books, a nonfiction book about Paris and a novel about Tijuana. Hopefully, they won’t take decades, but you never know. [You Lost Me There took five years to complete.]

And now we know what's up next for Baldwin; last week, Publisher's Marketplace posted that book #2 will be titled Paris I Love You, But You're Bringing Me Down, "about a young American couple's adventures of living and working in 21st-century Paris—where the Great French Dream is calcifying, the frozen food is superb, and despairing lovers duel with text messages." In March of 2008, Baldwin published an essay by the same name in The Morning News (home of the Tournament of Books), where he is a Founding Editor. While Riverhead published Baldwin's debut, this book went to FSG.

Don't miss our review of You Lost Me There—along with six other standout debut novels—in the August 2010 issue of BookPage. And if you're interested in the personal life of Baldwin, including his pre-publication anxiety and appreciation for tequila, check out this funny essay in online magazine The Millions: "Writing Is My Peppermint-Flavored Heroin."

Just for fun, watch the book trailer for You Lost Me There:

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