From posting about Dr. Seuss or the Great American Novelist—to making fun of the Great American Novelist—book bloggers have been busy this week. Highlighted below are a few posts I enjoyed. What about you?

Green Eggs and Ham Hit Bookshelves Everywhere 50 Years Ago Today!!!
Posted by Between the Covers: Tattered Cover book Blog

Between the Covers writes that Dr. Seuss's beloved Green Eggs and Ham turned 50 on August 12 (yesterday). Interesting fact: Did you know that the book came about because of a bet? This blog post explains:

Green Eggs and Ham, the critically acclaimed 1960 book, was born out of a $50 wager between Ted Geisel and his Random House publisher, Bennett Cerf, who bet he couldn't write an articulate, entertaining book using only fifty words.

When Bennet Cerf heard Ted's first reading of the book, he seemed dazed, shaking his head over the clear triumph of Green Eggs and Ham.

How many times have you read Green Eggs and Ham? What's your favorite book by Dr. Seuss?

Trust Me -- This Could Be Fun
Posted on The Memory Project (author Laura Lippman's blog)

Are you sick of all the Jonathan Franzen coverage? Crime novelist Laura Lippman has a good anecdote—a hilarious Mad Libs-style game in which she re-writes Franzen's Time cover story to feature herself, instead. Here's how Lippman introduces the game:

Jonathan Franzen is going to be on the cover of TIME. I had it on good authority that I was the other August author under consideration, but so it goes.

Now, many years ago, Nora Ephron -- man, how many times have I cited her on this blog -- had a killing parody of how to write a magazine cover story. Interestingly, the rules as she observed them do not seem to have changed much. This profile (an abridged version is online) begins with a comically strained scene involving 41 sea otters. [Click here to keep reading.]

Also, read our interview with Lippman from 2006.

Editor & Author: Jonathan Galassi and Jeffrey Eugenides
Posted on Farrar, Straus and Giroux's "Work in Progress" blog

This post may have gone up a month ago, but it's still worth a read. FSG maintains a site devoted to their authors' works in progress, and this entry is all about Jeffrey Eugenides' (of Middlesex fame) next book—which editor Jonathan Galassi calls "One of the most anticipated new books around the FSG offices (and out in the real world, I daresay)." Though Eugenides won't reveal his novel's title, he will say that "the new book ranges in setting from Providence, Rhode Island, and Cape Cod to Calcutta." Will you be excited when you get more details on this project?

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