And the Jonathan Franzen news keeps on comin'.

Yesterday we learned that the author of The Corrections and Freedom (out August 31) has been declared a "Great American Novelist" on the cover of Time.

Today we learned he's profiled—and photographed in a bird-watching pose—for the September issue of Vogue. (Most revealing quote? “Freedom is my most autobiographical book.")

Finally, Deadline New York reports that producer Scott Rudin has bought the movie rights to Freedom. Here's more from writer Mike Fleming:

Rudin—who years back optioned The Corrections—hasn't yet set Freedom at a studio or assigned a writer to adapt it. But I'm told Franzen's reps at CAA completed the deal just before the issue of Time hit newsstands today.

Rumors have been swirling about a movie version of The Corrections for years, with big-name actors like Cate Blanchett and Brad Pitt associated with the project. I think I'll wait for the completion of that adaptation before I get too worked up about a movie version of Freedom—but still... here's yet another example of how excitement for Franzen's novel has reached a fever pitch.

Have you pre-ordered a copy?

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