When Trisha talked to Anne Fortier at BEA, she asked for a one-sentence description of her debut novel, Juliet. The answer? "It's a sequel to Romeo & Juliet!" [Click here to view the complete conversation, and watch other author interviews on the BookPage YouTube channel.]

More specifically, Juliet is about a woman who journeys to Siena in search of her inheritance; discovers she might be a descendant of the woman who inspired Shakespeare's Juliet; and embarks on a thrilling quest. Find out more in the book trailer:

In the September issue of BookPage, reviewer Lizza Connor Bowen praises Fortier’s "razor-sharp framing of time and insight into her characters." She also says the novel is a "fast-paced, sumptuous read."

Is Juliet a candidate for your TBR stack?

If so, you won't be alone. This book has already received a lot of attention—and it doesn't come out in the United States until August 24. Foreign rights have sold in 32 territories. It's a bestseller in Denmark, the author's home country, and Germany. And Universal bought the film rights, with James Mangold and Kathy Contrad (Walk the Line) attached to produce and direct. Not bad for a first-time author!

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