On Saturday, Trisha and I went to our local indie, Davis-Kidd Booksellers in Nashville, to hang out with a bunch of like-minded readers: kids who are obsessed with The Hunger Games.

Our clips from the event will crack you up—and remind you of why it's so much fun to get excited about a book.

The release party in videos

Four fans gush about the series. All I can say is . . . thank goodness that pistol is fake! Otherwise, our young friend would have been in trouble when he claimed that his favorite character from the series is President Snow:

Davis-Kidd's Mockingjay party had lots of appropriate programming, such as raiding a Cornucopia filled with snacks, Hunger Games buttons and fake bows-and-arrows that would make Katniss proud:

We formed an alliance (in Hunger Games parlance) with 9-year-old Darby to compete in a trivia match. Surprise, surprise. . . Darby knew way more answers than we did:

Watch more videos from the party on BookPage's YouTube channel. If you live in Nashville, check out Davis-Kidd's packed events calendar. September authors include Meghan McCain, Chelsea Handler and Rosanne Cash!

Did any readers of The Book Case go to a Mockingjay release party last week? We'd love to hear about it!

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