Freedom—you know, the book by that guy who wrote The Corrections, the "Great American Novelist"—is finally on sale. And BookPage says you should read it.

Our September issue features an interview with author Jonathan Franzen:

Nine years have passed since the publication of Jonathan Franzen’s monumental novel The Corrections. That book, a National Book Award winner, remains one of the best and most popular American works of literary fiction of this new century. And it casts a long shadow over any piece of fiction Franzen subsequently chooses to write. . .
Addressing the personal impact of the success of The Corrections, Franzen says, “I have the kind of nature that needs to prove that it wasn’t any fluke, that I can do it again. So the pressure from the outside was combined with an enormous internal pressure.” [Continue reading this interview.]

And just for fun—and because it's Trailer Tuesday!—here's a video of Jonathan Franzen talking about his "profound discomfort" at having to make a book trailer (ha ha):

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