I posted about John Vaillant's The Tiger back in May when Brad Pitt's production company bought the film rights to the book. (Who wouldn't be intrigued by a real-life man-eating tiger with a grudge?)

The book finally came out last week, and BookPage reviewer Edward Morris says it's an absorbing read . . . "it never shifts for long from the tiger [Vaillant] has crouching at the edge of the reader’s imagination."

Here's Vaillant's description of his protagonist:

To properly appreciate such an animal, picture the grotesquely muscled head of a pit bull and then imagine how it might look if the pit bull weighed a quarter of a ton. Add to this fangs the length of a finger backed up by rows of slicing teeth capable of cutting through the heaviest bone. Consider then the claws: a hybrid of meat hook and stiletto that can attain four inches along the outer curve. . .


You can get more information about the events depicted in the book in this trailer:

Will you read The Tiger? Also, do you have a favorite work of narrative nonfiction?

Finally, what book trailers are you buzzing about today?

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