We've already shared our excitement about Karen Russell's first novel, Swamplandia! (Feb., Knopf). Galleys recently hit the BookPage office, and I'm tempted to nab it for my Labor Day weekend reading if our fiction editor is feeling generous. Here's a sneak peek at the opening lines, which provide a great example of Russell's unique voice and give a glimpse into the mysterious world of the book's eponymous Everglades theme park.

swamplandia! galleys

Chapter One: The Beginning of the End

Our mother performed in starlight. Whose innovation this was I never discovered. Probably it was Chief Bigtree's idea, and it was a good one—to blank the follow spot and let a sharp moon cut across the sky, unchaperoned; to kill the microphone; to leave the stage lights' tin eyelids scrolled and give the tourists in the stands a chance to enjoy the darkness of our island; to encourage the whole stadium to gulp air along with Swamplandia!'s star performer, the world-famous alligator wrestler Hilola Bigtree. Four times a week, our mother climbed the ladder above the Gator Pit in a green two-piece bathing suit and stood on the edge of the diving board, breathing. If it was windy, her long hair flew around her face, but the rest of her stayed motionless. Nights in the swamp were dark and star-lepered—our island was thirty-odd miles off the grid of mainland lights—and although your naked eye could easily find the ball of Venus and the sapphire hairs of the Pleiades, our mother's body was just lines, a smudge against the palm trees.

What are you reading this long weekend?

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