Sometimes it seems like every time I turn around I hear about interactive books, like The Amanda Project, which got a lot of press in the fall.

Now Penguin has launched a new interactive project that fantasy lovers will enjoy:

In the six weeks leading up to the publication of Nightshade (Oct. 19, Philomel), a teen novel by debut author Andrea Cremer, readers can watch one of the main characters come to life in 12 webisodes. The character's name is Shay Doran, and he has jumped off the page to communicate with fans via Facebook posts, blog entries, personalized phone texts and webisodes. The first webisode is now live:

By interacting with Shay, fans have a chance at being written into an official prequel to Nightshade, which will be available for free download the week before the novel is published. Pretty cool, huh?

This may sound like a lot of effort on behalf of a debut author, but online buzz shows that readers are excited about Nightshade; just read its page on Goodreads.

Nightshade is the first in a planned series about a young teenage werewolf girl. Will you check it out? Or interact with Shay?

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