This has been a great week to read book blogs, given that it's Book Blogger Appreciation Week. (Not familiar with BBAW? See last week's guest post on The Book Case from BBAW founder Amy Riley.)

What bookish blog posts did you most enjoy this week? A few of my picks are below.

The Century (Post) Mark, and What I've Learned From Readers
Posted by Greg on The New Dork Review of Books

The New Dork Review of Books is a new-ish book blog I get a kick out of reading regularly. This particular post marks Gerg's 100th post—and highlights a few of the things he's learned while blogging. (For example, EPL author Elizabeth Gilbert had a book contract prior to her spiritual journey. The shame!)

Maybe This Time by Jennifer Crusie
Posted by Sarah on Smart Bitches, Trashy Books

Lately I've been thinking about reading my first Jennifer Crusie book—especially after Jennifer Weiner and The Book Lady blogged about her, and Amy Scribner called her "one of the most deeply satisfying writers around" in the September issue of BookPage. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books, one of the best romance blogs around, weighed in this week, sharing conflicted feelings about Crusie's latest. Definitely worth a read (and a blog worth bookmarking if you're into romance).

Awards & Nominations
Posted by Book Blogger Appreciation Week

Since it's BBAW, after all, I figured I'd direct you to an excellent list of book blogs—the BBAW nominations and awards page! If you're looking to find some new book blogs of all persuasions—literary fiction, industry, fantasy, YA, GLBT and more—this roundup is where it's at.

Have you discovered any new blogs thanks to this year's BBAW?

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