BookPage has relocated to France!

I wish. In fact, at this very moment our Web Editor Trisha Ping and Editor Lynn Green are both on vacation in Paris. Lynn sent us these photos with the note that she and Trisha have just had an editorial meeting in a Parisian cafe.

Here's what we really want to know: What are they reading on vacation? Is Trisha's bag (in the photo to the right) weighted down with French novels??

Although the weather in Nashville is beautiful, Trisha and Lynn's coworkers are all very jealous!

Finally, here's a question for our readers: What books would you recommend for those of us stuck armchair traveling? (My picks: anything by Bill Bryson and Frances Mayes!)

What's your favorite book about Americans abroad? (I'll give a shout-out to Tom Rachman's best-selling debut, The Imperfectionists.)

Bon voyage, Trisha and Lynn!

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