I admit, I let out a gasp when I came across the catalog listing for The Uncoupling (Riverhead) by Meg Wolitzer. Her 2008 novel The Ten-Year Nap was one of my favorites of the year [read our interview here]; that was a big year for books on the "mommy wars" debate, and Wolitzer's novel took on the issue in a much more honest and entertaining way than any nonfiction study.

Her eighth novel, The Uncoupling, is inspired by  Lysistrata (need I say more?). When the Stellar Plains High School drama club chooses Aristophane's classic story for the annual school play, the women of the community begin to turn away from their partners, and both men and women "are forced to look at their partners, their shared history, and their sexual selves in a new light."

Look for the book on April 4.

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