Many of you are already subscribers to BookPageXTRA, the most popular of our three e-newsletters—today, we're inviting you to be contributors as well. For those not in the know, XTRA comes out twice a month and includes previews of the print edition of BookPage, exclusive reviews and interviews, editors' picks and lots and lots of book recommendations. We also give away books in each issue. Here's a sample of the most recent edition.

Next week's XTRA is all about social media—and how BookPage communicates with booklovers and spreads the word about new books through this blog, Facebook, Twitter and more. Of course, we have our own ideas about how all this works, but we'd love to share yours as well. To contribute, just answer any or all of the questions below in the comments.

Why do you like reading book blogs?

What books or authors have you discovered from book blogs, Facebook fan pages, etc.?

Have you connected with other readers thanks to book blogs? Why are these relationships important to you?

We will choose several comments for inclusion in the newsletter (and we'll only include your first name).

Can't wait to read your comments!

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