Forever, the final book in Maggie Stiefvater's best-selling Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy, doesn't come out until July 12, 2011—but yesterday the jacket was unveiled on Scholastic's blog and Steifvater's LiveJournal:

Christopher Stengel, Associate Art Director of Scholastic, has designed all three jackets in the trilogy. (I'm a big fan of his work; he also designed for Francisco X. Stork's Marcelo in the Real World.) Back in July, when Linger was released, Stiefvater interviewed Stengel about the process of designing the jackets. If you're a fan of the trilogy (or graphic design), the Q&A is worth a read. Here's an excerpt—a quote on why Stengel's concept did not include photos:

Sometimes photography is the correct approach for a certain book depending on the age range and content, and other times, an iconic and graphic direction is needed. It's a matter of picking the right tool(s) for the job, I guess. While Shiver may be a YA title, it felt like it truly deserved to be set apart from the many photo-based covers on the shelves.

Are you a fan of the Wolves of Mercy Falls? Are you getting pumped for July? What do you think of the red cover?

Finally—it seems like nobody can build hype like Scholastic, huh? I remember writing a similar "unveiling" post back in February.

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