Lynn likes to say I'm the only person she knows who is under 70 and doesn't have cable. At least I'm not the only person under 70 who likes getting up early and watching "CBS Sunday Morning" (hi, K!). One of the many reasons I like this program so much is that they frequently feature author interviews, and yesterday they talked with Philip Roth.

Overall, Roth came off as much more pleasant and humorous than I expected—the anecdote about his mother crying over his "delusions of grandeur," and saying that as a child he was "adorable." He spoke about religion more honestly than most, saying "When the whole world doesn't believe in God, it'll be a great place." But when Rita Braver touched on his divorce, Roth gave her the cold shoulder. ("I don't comment on libel.") The entire interview is worth watching, though since CBS doesn't do embed well, you'll have to check it out on their site.

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