María Dueñas's debut novel, El tiempo entre costuras, was a #1 bestseller in Spain, and now American readers will have a chance to get in on the fun.

Pitched as "The Shadow of the Wind meets Casablanca," the novel will be published in the United States by Atria as The Couturiere.

Here's a plot description from Publisher's Marketplace:

[The novel follows] the life of a poor seamstress from Madrid who, after being abandoned in Algiers by her lover, becomes the most sought-after couturiere in North Africa, but is embroiled in a world of spies that pass information on to the British Secret Service through a code stitched into her dress designs.

Dueñas's website describes the book as a "fascinating mix of fiction and truth in which clandestine conspiracies are born inside of glamorous couture shops, casinos and grand hotels.*"

The story runs from before the Spanish Civil War through the end of World War II and takes place in Spain, Morocco and Portugal. Those might just be my three favorite countries to visit—so I am pretty darn excited about this release.

Will you look for The Couturiere?

*Una apasionante mezcla de ficción y realidad en la que las conspiraciones clandestinas se funden con el glamour de los talleres de costura, los casinos y los grandes hoteles

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