Just 28 years old, Cecelia Ahern has had a writing career that many would envy. She's published several best-selling novels—her debut, P.S. I Love You [read our review], written when she was just 21, became a successful film—she created the ABC series "Samantha Who?" which ran for two seasons, and she's the author of a one-woman play, Mrs Whippy, which was performed in Dublin.

Book of Tomorrow

On January 25, Ahern will publish her seventh novel, The Book of Tomorrow (Harper), in the U.S. (she's one of those authors whose U.K./U.S. publishing schedule is vastly different—Tomorrows came out in October 2009 over there!) This time, her heroine is a spoiled 16-year-old who's forced to spend the summer in an isolated Irish village. It's all boredom, all the time, until Tamara finds a book with journal entries in her handwriting—dated in the future. You can read an excerpt from the book on Ahern's site, and you can find an interview with her about There's No Place Like Here (2008) on BookPage.com.

Do you like a dose of magic with your fiction?

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