It is a gorgeous weekend at the Southern Festival of Books, and I couldn’t be more excited. I went for a few hours yesterday afternoon and had sightings of Ron Rash, Tasha Alexander, Andrew Grant—and Audrey Niffenegger!

A few BookPage staffers made the trip from our office to downtown Nashville to hear Niffenegger’s reading, and I have to admit that I felt like a total fangirl. The Time Traveler’s Wife is one of my all-time favorite novels, and though our staff was divided over Her Fearful Symmetry, I am firmly in the “like” camp.

Niffenegger was speaking about her graphic novel The Night Bookmobile, released September 1 from Abrams. Though I missed the actual reading portion of the session, I learned a few things in the Q&A that will be of interest to readers:

The author is thinking about opening a bookstore in Chicago called Artists Books. She’d stock all the books that “wouldn’t be in normal bookstores.” Niffenegger has never seen The Time Traveler’s Wife movie. The author’s next novel, Chinchilla Girl in Exile (see this blog post for more information), is about “how people treat you if you’re different.” When Neil Gaiman was working on The Graveyard Book he took Niffenegger’s tour at Highgate Cemetery.

I think of Niffenegger as a total rock star author, but she was nice as could be during the signing—and when I cornered her for a picture.

What author would make you feel like a groupie?

Stay tuned for more news from the Southern Festival of Books. . .

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