Jennifer Weiner announced on Friday (via her Twitter) that she is going to Hollywood. Here's more from, which summarized the four shows which received "official pilot orders" by ABC Family:

“The Great State of Georgia” is an ABC Studios’ half-hour, multi-cam comedy series about an exuberant plus-sized performer from the south and her science geek best friend who try to make headway in New York City. Pilot writers are Jennifer Weiner (author of the best-selling novels Good in Bed, and In Her Shoes and Jeff Greenstein (“Desperate Housewives”)

Weiner is a known TV lover (she regularly live-tweets "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette") and if you follow her blog, you know that in February ABC passed on her romantic relationship-centered pilot. So it's no surprise that she would try again with another project.

As we all know, there aren't a whole lot of plus-sized heroines in prime time—especially since ABC just canceled the TV show "Huge," based on the novel by Sasha Paley. But Weiner can write plus-sized character better than anyone (i.e. their only concerns aren't losing weight), so I have high hopes for "The Great State of Georgia," not least of all because Jeff Greenstein is involved. (His credits include "Friends" and "Will & Grace".)

Do any of you watch TV as much as you read? Will you keep your fingers crossed that ABC Family orders a full season of episodes?

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