In a recent blog post about his book trailer, Steven Johnson wrote: "I have to admit when the good folks at Riverhead mentioned that they were working on an animated video promoting Where Good Ideas Come From, I wasn't fully convinced it was going to be worth the effort."

I bet many authors have this same thought, particularly when the average book trailer on YouTube might have a couple hundred views. Occasionally a trailer will have a couple thousand views, but that is not the norm.

So imagine my surprise when I saw that the trailer for Where Good Ideas Come From has been viewed more than 261,000 times. (The print run for the book was 75,000.) You'll have to watch for yourself to see what the fuss is about.

BookPage reviewer Martin Brady writes that Johnson's book is about "the critical factors that are almost always present when human innovation occurs." According to Johnson, "Eureka" moments are overrated, and “environments that build walls around good ideas tend to be less innovative in the long run than more open-ended environments. . . . Good ideas may not want to be free, but they do want to connect, fuse, recombine.”

The popular trailer illustrates that process:

When do you get your best ideas? Will you check out this book? Do you like the trailer?

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