What blog posts about books have you found interesting this week? A few of my favorites include . . .

Lost, Unpublished Dr. Seuss Manuscript Surfaces
Posted on Booktryst by Stephen J. Gertz

This post gives a fascinating look at a newly discovered, unpublished manuscript by Dr. Seuss. From the blog: "This is an eye-popping find, a Seuss book in its earliest stage, a rough Seuss draft, an abandoned project not only never before seen on the market but never before seen or heard of, period."

If you love Dr. Seuss (who doesn't?), you must look at the handwritten and drawn pages!

Two Translators on Nobel Prize Winner Mario Vargas Llosa
Posted by Ryan Chapman on FSG's Work in Progress

For an excellent introduction to Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, read this Q&A with translators Edith Grossman and Natasha Wimmer. Here's an excerpt, on Grossman's book recommendations:

I can make some recommendations, but you have to remember that [Vargas Llosa] is not only is prolific but also is something of a chameleon: I mean that his themes and subject matter can vary from book to book. Having said that, I think Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter might be a good place to begin—it’s charming, funny, and very smart. Conversation in the Cathedral, also an earlier book, is darker and much more overtly political than Aunt Julia. A more recent book is The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto, which I find deeply amusing and absolutely serious at the same time. Finally, for a stunning view of dictators and dictatorships, there is Feast of the Goat. I think this may be one of his best.

In Praise of Unlikable Characters
Posted on The Millions by Emily St. John Mandel

I became familiar with Emily St. John Mandel when BookPage interviewed her about her latest novel, The Singer's Gun. In this post, St. John Mandel is writing about books by other authors—specifically, books with "unlikable" characters.

Now I have to get my hands on Marcy Dermansky’s Bad Marie!

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