Michael Lewis, author of many popular nonfiction books including The Blind Side, Liar's Poker and Next: The Future Just Happened, has signed a deal with Norton to write a new book titled Boomerang. This one will be about "the effects of the U.S. financial crisis on large and small European countries and how their difficulties impact the US." According to the Norton online catalog, the book will be available in June 2011.

If you'd like some background information on how we got into this financial mess, you might check out the anthology edited by Lewis, Panic!: The Story of Modern Financial Insanity. BookPage reviewer Anne Bartlett described that book as "readable," and I can attest from reading Liar's Poker that Lewis makes finance incredibly interesting—even for those of us who snoozed through econ class in college.

In other Michael Lewis-related news, Brad Pitt's production company, Plan B Entertainment, has bought the film rights to The Big Short.

Do you read Michael Lewis? What other mainstream financial writers would you recommend?

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