Readers, I have a confession—I don't like audiobooks.

Or rather, I haven't given audiobooks a chance since my days of long family trips, when my grandparents wanted to listen to thrillers in the front seat and I wanted to read Nancy Drew in the back. Try figuring out a mystery when a different plotline is pounding in your ears.

This weekend, however, I have decided to turn over a new leaf. A friend and I are driving 550 miles on Friday, and 550 miles on Monday. (We're going from Nashville to Charleston.) That'll be at least 18 hours in the car, which I figure is enough time to listen to at least one audiobook.

Here's what I've picked up from the library. I figure I'll have to be nice and let my traveling companion choose what we listen to . . .

Read The Help and loved it, but I hear the audio is excellent. Octavia Spencer is the voice of Aibileen, although she'll play Minny in the movie.

I love teen books and anything Southern Gothic, so this was a natural pick for me. Plus, the story is set in South Carolina, and the sequel (Beautiful Darkness) just came out last week.

BookPage described South of Broad as a "magnificent love letter" to Charleston. I'm visiting Charleston for the first time, so I couldn't help but make this a contender.

What are your audiobook recommendations for a road trip?

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