Because everyone loves a good blog series (like this one!), I thought you would enjoy hearing about a couple of recurring posts I enjoy following.

Wondrous Words Wednesday
Posted by Julie on Booking Mama

This series is hosted by Kathy at Bermuda Onion, although I originally came across it on Booking Mama. Every Wednesday, bloggers share new words they have discovered in their reading. For example, in reading Jackson Taylor's The Blue Orchard, Julie learned "mansard" and "accoucheur." (Don't know what they mean? You'll have to follow the link to find out.)

I love this idea because it encourages active reading. . . I am certainly guilty of skimming over a word I've never seen before and figuring out the basic meaning through context clues—but Wondrous Words Wednesday gives me a great reason to read with a pencil in hand.

Harrowing Historicals in October!
Posted by Allie on Hist-Fic Chick

This post introduces the Harrowing Historicals series hosted by Allie of Hist-Fic Chick and Nicole of Linus’s Blanket. Here's a description of the project:

Each day of the month at witching hour (12 midnight, EST), Nicole and I will feature a different historical fiction (and a few fun non-fiction!) read that has a Halloween tie-in. Because let’s face it – history is fraught with some scary stuff! Join us for chats on the history of vampires, Queens who died in gruesome ways, what it’s like to consult psychic mediums for historical fiction research, and scary personages like Elizabeth Bathory and Jack the Ripper. It’s going to be an exciting month filled with all things spooky history!

And of course for Halloween, there has to be some treats! Leaving a comment throughout the event on any Harrowing Historical post (here or on Linus’s Blanket) will enter you for a chance to win one of several awesome Harrowing Historical prize packs.

I love themed reading and Halloween, so this series is especially appealing. It's not too late to join the fun and read Allie and Nicole's posts!

What blog posts about books did you enjoy this week? What blog series do you follow?

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