Now that you know what to read on Halloween, what are you going to wear?

Lit Drift has posted a fantastic roundup of 10 literary-inspired Halloween costumes. I am happy to say that I have dressed up as two of the ideas in years past (Nancy Drew—my perennial standby—and Hester Prynne). Another suggestion—Lisbeth Salander—is sure to be popular this year. And another—Scout-as-ham in To Kill a Mockingbird—if just plain hilarious.

YA blog Forever Young Adult has posted a fun roundup of costume ideas from teen books. Besides the obvious Hunger Games-inspired outfits, there are also some suggestions I never would have thought of: Ponyboy or Soda Pop from The Outsiders! Stargirl Caraway!

In college, I had a friend who got some laughs by carrying around a pillow and pretending to be suffocated by it every few minutes à la Desdemona. Sherlock Holmes would be pretty easy to pull off. Or Dorothy Gale if you have red shoes. What about Fern Arable?

As for me, I'm dressing up as Rita Skeeter—everyone's favorite magical yellow journalist. All I need now is an acid-green Quick-Quotes Quill . . .

What are your ideas for a bookish Halloween costume?

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