Last spring we discovered from our 2010 Reader Survey that half of BookPage readers rank bestsellers as their favorite kind of book. Now, BookPage reviews a lot of different kinds of books, from commercial books that have print runs in the millions, to literary novels by debut authors with much smaller first printings.

It would be impossible to cover all the bestsellers being published (and as we learned a couple months ago during the Jonathan Franzen-inspired literary vs. commercial fiction showdown, many people would ask, what's the point?). But in tomorrow's edition of BookPageXTRA (our bi-monthly e-newsletter), we've devoted our full attention to this particular kind of book—fast-paced, entertaining, often funny stories that will inspire thousands of people to pull out their wallets at the bookstore then run home to start turning the pages.

You'll have to sign up for BookPageXTRA to learn which books we're highlighting*, but for now, I'd love to know:

Which bestsellers do you think are worth the hype? (Or, who is your favorite best-selling author?)
What makes a bestseller?

*You'll also get a chance to win copies of all the featured books.

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