Roxanne St. Claire, author of 25 books—including category romance; romantic suspense; chick lit; and Edge of Sight, one of BookPage's romance picks for November—has signed a deal to write her first YA novel. It's called Don't You Wish and will be published in 2012 from Random House's Delacorte.

Here's the Publisher's Marketplace description:

Roxanne St. Claire's DON'T YOU WISH, in which a middle-class, under-popular, painfully average teenage girl wakes up in an alternate universe where her mother married a wealthy man and her every wish has come true—with complications.

This week, Publisher's Marketplace announced that producers Jeff Franklin (Full House) and Garry Marshall (Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries) have optioned the rights to produce a movie of the book.

Romance columnist Christie Ridgway has praised St. Claire's "hot romance and sizzling suspense." Are you a fan of her books? Are you excited by this new book/potential movie?

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