One of the features in the October print edition of BookPage has officially become our most controversial piece of all time, drawing three whole angry emails. The response to the article "Going to the dogs: Life lessons from our furry friends" indicates that the dog memoir backlash has begun.

Apparently dogs are disgusting and heartless:

"Life lessons from furry friends"? Give me a break. I despise these "what can we learn from animals" books. Rose-colored glasses nonsense. How about the stupid and gross stuff pets do? Like pooping in public, humping in public, latching on to any idiot who feeds them, barking at the mail carrier, and losing interest in their offspring as soon as the lactation hormones wear off?

Worse, according to reader #2, they take Jesus's rightful place as the provider of life lessons:

What's with all these dog memoir books?? What's with the "life lessons learned from dogs"? They're just dumb dogs for crying out loud! Mere dogs have been turned into a sort of religion, complete with testmonial books! Gee, move over Jesus, a butt-sniffing turd eater has replaced you!

And in the end, they're just plain tiresome:

Enough already with dog books. What's next, "What I Learned about Life from Scooping My Dog's Poop"??

Is it, as reader #1 says, time to "put this publishing trend to sleep?" What say you, readers? Have you grown weary of writers sharing the inspirational lessons they learned from their dogs?

(In defense of our piece, I would like to note that my grandmother called to tell me she enjoyed it.)


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