Yesterday we posted about a big deal for a post-apocalyptic novel—today I wanted to mention this deal for writer Benjamin Percy, whose first novel The Wilding "speaks of an author with many more tricks up his sleeve," according to BookPage reviewer Jillian Quint. Previously published with Greywolf Press, Percy has sold "a timely reinvention of the werewolf myth set in the American West" to Grand Central. The book is tentatively titled Red Moon.

In an interview with Powells, Percy says he will be turning the manuscript in next month.

It's a literary-genre-hybrid-mash-up — so no compromises with the language, but it's a horror story. . . . I had 90 polished pages by the end of the summer, and a 20-page pitch. My agent sent it off after Labor Day. And on Monday, crazily, these huge preempt offers came in. Then it went to auction on Wednesday, and a bidding war ensued for six hours.

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