Four months remain before Jodi Picoult's 2011 release, Sing You Home, hits stores in March—complete with a CD of custom-written tunes inspired by the main character's career as a musical therapist—but she's already sharing news about her 2012 novel.

The book, as yet untitled, is "about wolves…but it’s also about the right to die, and what happens when two siblings have very different ideas about whether or not to keep their dad alive after he suffers a traumatic brain injury," says Picoult in her latest e-newsletter. The author spent the summer doing research on wolves in England, which included "learning how to howl and doing it so convincingly that five wolf packs in the near distance start howling back at you!"

Are you looking forward to Sing You Home? Intrigued by the topic of Picoult's next work?

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