What book blogs have you been reading this week?

My picks:

Famous inboxes from the literary world
Posted on Famous Inboxes

Ever imagined what your favorite characters' email inboxes would look like? I certainly hadn't, but little did I know . . . they'd be hilarious! I love the inboxes for Elizabeth Bennett and Severus Snape (favorite email in Snape's inbox: "Google alert—Lily Potter"). If you're looking for a laugh this Friday afternoon, give this blog a browse.

Posted on Tumblr

I came across this lovely Tumblr page on Entomology of a BookWorm, one of my favorite book blogs. Here's the description for Booklover: "Sharing and spreading her book love with delicate pictures, amazing shelves, memorable libraries and intense quotes." Click over to the blog, and I guarantee you won't be able to stop scrolling through those gorgeous pictures of bookshelves.

What's in a Name 4: Information and Sign-Up
Posted by Beth Fish Reads

Many of you enjoy participating in reading challenges, so I thought you'd appreciate this link. Beth Fish Reads is hosting this fourth-annual challenge for which you read books based on their titles. There are seven categories, such as "a book with jewelry or a gem in the title" (like, Girl With a Pearl Earring) and "a book with a size in the title" (like, Little Bee). The challenge begins on January 1, so sign up now and start brainstorming a book list!

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