It might seem a little unusual to feature a cookbook in a Trailer Tuesday post, but I think anyone interested in food, history or the New York Times will find this video interesting.

The Essential New York Times Cookbook is covered in December's cooking column. Columnist Sybil Pratt calls the book the "fascinating, fabulous result" of Amanda Hesser's decision to "[cook] her way through the Times’ recipe archive, which begins in the 1850s, when the paper first started to cover food, and goes up to treasures from the more current Dining Out sections."

In this trailer from Norton, Hesser*—who is a food editor and writer for the NYT—discusses the evolution and details of this massive project:

Come back to The Book Case on Thursday for a sample recipe for the cookbook (hint: it includes bacon)!

Also in BookPage: Reviews of The New York Times Country Weekend Cookbook and The New York Times Passover Cookbook.

*Fun fact for all the nosy chefs: Amanda Hesser is married to New Yorker contributor Tad Friend, whose memoir, Cheerful Money, I reviewed last year. Her book Cooking for Mr. Latte is a chronicle of their courtship, including the meals they shared.

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