Christmas Eve may be a week away, but book bloggers are still hard at work! What posts have you enjoyed this week? A couple of my favorites:

Happy Birthday, Jane! Blog tour and giveaways
Posted on My Jane Austen Book Club

You all know that Jane Austen would have been 235 on Thursday, right? Even if you didn't re-read your dog-eared copy of P&P to honor the date, you can still get in on the festivities.

My Jane Austen Book Club has posted a birthday note to Ms. Austen herself, along with information about a blog tour and giveaway. The contest is open until December 22, so enter now! I'm sure you'll all swoon over the prize offerings—and perhaps get to know some other Austen-obsessed readers, too.

Book Review: *Freedom* by Jonathan Franzen
Posted on She Is Too Fond of Books

If you listened to last week's podcast about Jonathan Franzen's Freedom, you know that BookPage editors loved the novel so much that we're still talking about it weeks after turning the last page.

Freedom has been thrown around with a lot of hyperbolic statements these past few months ("Great American Novel," "masterpiece"), but if you don't understand what the big deal is—this post is for you. Not everyone loved Freedom. Just read Dawn's post on She Is Too Fond of Books . . . she describes the experience of reading the novel as "swimming underwater" (not in a good way), and she couldn't even finish the book.

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