With Christmas four days away, I thought it only appropriate to highlight a couple of books from the Christmas Fiction and True Holiday Tales roundups in our December issue.

First up, here's comedian Lewis Black, author of I'm Dreaming of a Black Christmas, on Christmas itself—which he compares to the Running of the Bulls:

Reviewer Amy Scribner writes that Black's book is well worth a reader's time:

[He] spends much of the book hilariously skewering the excess of it all, the overeating and excessive spending. And yet, given his cynical view of organized religion and holiday cheer, this book finds Black in a surprisingly reflective mood. He’s at his best when he reflects on the good in humanity, such as when he describes his recent USO tour in Iraq, or muses on the disastrous earthquake in Haiti.

For a more traditional Christmas story, read Tim Slover's The Christmas Chronicles: The Legend of Santa Claus—"an action-packed tale of imagination and inspiration that will make even a grown-up believe in Santa again," according to Dee Ann Grand.

Here's a preview of this "enchanting" novel:

Feeling festive yet?

What book trailers have you watched this week?

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