As part of our Best Books of 2010 coverage, our editors weigh in on some of their personal favorites from the list.

Critics are divided on Nicole Krauss' Great House. Some praise its thematic power and compelling writing; others call it confusing, dark and humorless. Me? I understand where both camps are coming from, but still think this third novel deserves its spot near the top of our Best Books of 2010 list. Great House is a sober book full of narrators who are disconnected from the world. It has a conclusion that you have to think about—or maybe argue about with your friends, as it is on the ambiguous side.

great house by nicole krauss

But. Krauss' writing is luminous and fairy-tale like; it is strong enough to carry a reader through the most difficult of books. As Great House unfolds, the story's many memorable images build upon each other to create an intensely powerful atmosphere. This may not be as beloved a novel as The History of Love, but it will leave you wondering where Krauss will go next.

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