It's time to get serious about New Year's resolutions. (Okay, okay--since New Year's Eve is on a Friday night, I think we can all agree that it's okay to wait until Monday, January 3 to actually get serious about them.)

The January issue of BookPage is here to help you find books to guide your self improvements.

Looking to loose inches and lead a healthier lifestyle? Contributor Lacey Galbraith weighs in on a new crop of health books--because, as she writes:

Transformation can be hard work—really hard work. Whether it’s losing weight, getting healthy or staying motivated, we could all use a little nudge to succeed.

(And by the way, if diet books make you roll your eyes, you might still find something for you in this roundup. Lacey's picks include books about never getting sick, empowering your mind and more.)

To encourage financial and emotional wellness, BookPage editors have chosen a collection of books "to help you launch 2011 with a renewed sense of purpose and effective new strategies for dealing with life’s challenges." As a somewhat obsessive thank-you note writer (thanks, Mom!), I'm especially intrigued by 365 Thank Yous, John Kralik's uplifting story of writing one thank you note per day for a year.

What is your New Year's resolution? Are there any books that have helped you keep resolutions in the past?

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