Today marks the one-year anniversary of the devastating, 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti, and as many news sources have noted, the recovery is slow. The Red Cross is still in the country and thousands are still homeless.

One of the Americans who was there when the quake hit was Dan Woolley, a director of Compassion International. Woolley was trapped in the rubble of his hotel for nearly three days, a story he recounts in his new book, Unshaken.

Woolley shared a little more about his story, and his return to Haiti this week, in an essay for BookPage.

You wonder what you will feel like in the last moments of your life, when you finally look death in the face . . . how your beliefs about death and the afterlife will play out. For me, it moved really quickly from abstract to tangible, given I was buried under six floors of rubble following the January 2010 Haiti earthquake. I will never pretend to understand why God allowed me to be rescued while many others did not make it out alive.

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