If you enjoyed Margaret Dilloway's debut How to Be an American Housewife, then you are in luck! The author has signed a deal to write a follow-up to her debut titled The Rose of Galilee. Here's a brief plot description, per Publishers Marketplace:

A solitary amateur botanist who's on the path to perfecting a new breed of rose has her world turned upside down when her wayward niece comes to visit her.

It's always exciting to watch the careers of the authors we feature in our debut roundup. We liked Dilloway's novel so much from the beginning that we asked her to write a behind-the-book about taking inspiration from her mother's coming-of-age in wartime Japan. If you missed this essay in August, you should check it out now. (It is fascinating. Apparently The American Way of Housekeeping was a real book that Japanese brides used as a reference when they married American soldiers, and this book was the basis for Dilloway's novel.)

Did you read How to Be an American Housewife? Of all your favorite debut novelists, who would you most like to see write a second book?

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