Does today's date—January 18, 2011—mean anything significant to you?

If you're a Moning Maniac, then heck yes it does. It's the release day of Shadowfever, the final book in Karen Marie Moning's Fever series!

If you're a serious fan, you're probably at Le Pavillion in New Orleans at the two-day Shadowfever launch party—Moning and her fans have been whooping it up since Monday.

If you couldn't make it to NOLA, you can get a taste of chatting with the author in this handwritten Q&A featured in the February issue of BookPage (I love Moning's answer for what she'd want with her on a desert island.):

[Continue reading this interview.]

Do any BookPage readers consider themselves to be Moning Maniacs? How pumped are you for this book?

Even if you're not into dark fantasy, you can probably appreciate that the Shadowfever launch party is pretty darn awesome. What would be your ideal author event?

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