When I read Kerry's post about how many people visit her site in search of news about the sequel to The Passage, I realized something: we've been holding out on you. At least a little bit. During my interview with Cronin for our June issue, we touched on the second volume in the trilogy, which he told me has a projected pub date of sometime in 2012. Not wanting to spoil the surprise, Cronin didn't reveal any major developments, but what he did say is a little something to help you through the wait and whet your appetite.

If I could do it faster, I would, but I let them be written at the rate that they demand. I think people will be happy if it’s a great book, even if they have to wait. And volume two is, I hope, every bit as rich and engaging as the first one. It has new elements, as any book must, it’s not simply a straightforward continuation of volume one, though it certainly has that element. It has surprises aplenty, things you didn’t see coming but I hope you feel like oh, that’s just perfect.

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