Sorry for the bad Photo Booth snap—but it captures our level of excitement at receiving the ARE of the new Ann Patchett novel, State of Wonder. Patchett is something of a favorite here at BookPage, and  this galley is certainly going to make the rounds in the office between now and June 7.

Because we can't leave you with just a cover image, here are the opening lines:

The news of Anders Eckman's death came by way of Aerogram, a piece of bright blue airmail paper that served as both the stationary and, when folded over and sealed along the edges, the envelope. Who even knew they still made such things? This single sheet had traveled from Brazil to Minnesota to mark the passing of a man, a breath of tissue so insubstantial that only the stamp seemed to anchor it to this world.

Anyone else looking forward to this one?

Also in BookPage: an interview with Patchett about Runa behind-the-book story on Bel Canto.

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