Book club favorite Lisa See has penned a sequel to her bestseller Shanghai Girls, to be published by Random House on May 31.

The publisher's summary:

Devastated after discovering the shocking truth about her mother and father, Joy flees to China to find a new life (and her real father)—and Pearl, realizing what has happened, sets out for Mao's China, resolved to find her daughter.

Both women face almost insurmountable struggles as they combat their guilt-ridden past and a Communist China intolerant of their free spirits, and the tension in their stories is heightened by Pearl's selfless determination to rescue Joy and bring her home.

We predict you'll be seeing a lot of See's novels on the beach this summer, especially once the film adaptation of her debut, Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, comes out on July 15. Hugh Jackman will star with Li Bingbing and Gianna Jun—you can see some stills here. (Thanks to EarlyWord for the tip on the film.) Reviews of all four of See's books—and an interview about her 2007 novel Peony in Lovecan be found on You can also read an excerpt from Dreams of Joy on See's website.


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